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From the beginning, my mother showed love through things. Gifts, to be more precise. The recognition of this only became clear to me in my thirties. It’s not as though, at age 4 or 10 or even 21, I recognized that I could gauge just how much my mother loved me based on what it was that I unwrapped.

Now, really, overall my mom is a good mother. She worked a lot when I was a kid, as a classroom teacher and a Sunday school teacher, and she also went to school herself in the evenings to get her Ph.D…

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My teenage son is overweight. There, I’ve said it.

It’s not like I haven’t acknowledged it. I’ve talked with my husband about it, my mom, and, of course, my son himself. The important thing, I’ve learned, is to take shame out of the equation when I talk with my son about it.

Yet, I feel ashamed. I feel scared. I feel I have failed my child.

The shame-free talks my husband and I occasionally have with our son, focusing on health, sports, and making better food choices for his brain (he has ADHD), typically result in my son changing his…

Yael R. Ayli

Stepping back into writing...after all these years.

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